Welcome to my personal blog!Dimiter Naydenov

My name is Dimiter Naydenov and I’m a software developer with DevOps inklings and this is my blog.

I worked on, and still use Juju Core – next-generation cross-cloud service deployment and orchestration tool, among other things.

Check out the Juju Documentation and Getting Started guide!

Python and Go are two of my favorite languages. I’ve been around a lot of different areas of software development, and can share some interesting stories when I have time to write them.

I also like to travel and takes lots of photos of cool places. I’m passionate about scuba diving and I’m loving it!

Finally, after more than 5 years I decided to resurrect my blog and start posting stuff from time to time. For now there are a few articles, but I’m trying to fill it up with useful info I mostly learned along the (hard) way 🙂 

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7 Comments on “About

  1. Hi, I just came across your 4 blog posts explaining how to automated an openstack install using maas and juju.
    I loved the first four posts (where maas was setup with 4 nodes, commissioned and deployed) and was wondering if you have posted following up info in any form on the next step, actually installation of openstack

    Thanks in advance,

    • Thanks Sean!

      I plan on updating the Nodes Networking article to include MAAS 2.0 specific steps (almost done with the draft). The next Juju-specific article should be up some time tomorrow, as I have some free time to concentrate on it.

  2. thanks. Are there forums/mailing lists for Maas users? Found so far launchpad for bugs and a few questions on askubuntu.com.
    I’ve read through the Maas (1.9) docs and am trying, for example, to figure out how it detects console (iLO) IP in new servers that autoregister/boot via PXE, and how the commissioning process works in detail (I have servers that cannot find a root fs during commission on one maas server, but work on another). I have also gigantic syslogs (100GB in a few hours: have to manually wipe and reboot). I have not figured out how to add new network interfaces to the maas after installation either.

    • Hey Anton!

      Thank you, I’m glad you found the series helpful!
      It should work with the latest versions of MAAS/Juju, but I haven’t tested it.
      Give it a try and let me know how it worked out? 😉


      • I will have to get some new gear for this, but it looks very very promising. Many tutorials focus on the software part. There are only two articles (including this one) I have ever found which has covered the entire setup, for which I am extremely grateful! The other article covered the former OpenStack Fuel project and is now completely irrelevant. Your article, however, is extremely impressive and relevant! Would you be able to email me?

        • Hey Anton, awesome!
          Yeah, I couldn’t find a similar all-in-one tutorial/guide, and I like to be thorough, so that’s how it happened 🙂
          You can reach my by mail, sure – dimiter -at- this domain, without the “blog.” prefix (just naydenov.net).
          Cheers and thank you for the kind words!

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