Welcome to my personal blog!Dimiter Naydenov

My name is Dimiter Naydenov and I’m a software developer with DevOps inklings and this is my blog.

I worked on, and still use Juju Core – next-generation cross-cloud service deployment and orchestration tool, among other things.

Check out the Juju Documentation and Getting Started guide!

Python and Go are two of my favorite languages. I’ve been around a lot of different areas of software development, and can share some interesting stories when I have time to write them.

I also like to travel and takes lots of photos of cool places. I’m passionate about scuba diving and I’m loving it!

Finally, after more than 5 years I decided to resurrect my blog and start posting stuff from time to time. For now there are a few articles, but I’m trying to fill it up with useful info I mostly learned along the (hard) way 🙂 

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